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Our DÉCOR rollers are produced using 'Thermofusion' technology.




Frequently asked questions:




Question: Why is it called 'Thermofusion'?


Answer: 'Thermofusion' is a production methos of fabric adhesion to the core without any glue. The core is heated upto 230 C, fabric is fused to the core under pressure and then cooled down in this position.




Question: What does a paint roller consist of?


Answer: Paint roller consists of tube, fabric, end covers, connecting tube, and two gripping collets.



Question: Why are there two gripping collets used in a roller?


Answer: Gripping collets are used to hold a roller on its handle. This is the first detail which can be damaged when painting. For this reason we use TWO fixing elements.



Question: Is there a seam on a roller?


Answer: Most of our rollers don't have any seams. Fabric is cut into stripes and spiraling reeled on a hot tube (thermofusion technology). The absence of seams improves the quality of painting.



Question: Why are there many so many types of fabric?


Answer: Using many types of fabric makes it possible to paint surfaces with different pretreatment and quality.


The more detailed information you could find in the table.



Question: Why are rollers so expensive?


Answer: We focus on a pragmatic consumer who wants to paint a surface quickly, smoothly, and apply a thin coat of paint (cost-effective). If the price is of crucial importance we can offer inexpensive rollers.



Question: Which type of rollers is used to paint walls?


Answer: You can use any our roller. We recommend to pay your attention to the quality of paint and surface pretreatment when choosing paint roller.


For more detailed information see the table.



Question: Why are rollers and handles sold separately?


Answer: A handle is uniform and fits almost all rollers. You can buy ONE handle and many types of paint rollers.



Question: How long is the roller's service life?


Answer: If you handle a roller carefully (wash it thoroughly after painting) its service life will be long. But keep in mind, the older the roller is, the smaller quantity of paint it delivers to the surface. It lowers the effectiveness and quality of works.



Question: What is the difference between standard (low-cost) and professional rollers?


Answer: Low-cost rollers are designed for one-time work with inexpensive paints. Professional rollers serve 5-10 times longer. You can use them for more expensive paints of high quality. They also improve the efficiency of a worker.



Question: What does porcupine roller (with plastic needles) serve for?


Answer: A porcupine roller (with plastic needles) is intended for poured floors. It helps to delete air bubbles out of the construction mix and to level the floor surface.



Question: What is the difference in use of rollers with MINI and MAXI needles?


Answer: The thickness of poured floor plays the crucial part. MINI roller is intended for poured floors with thickness no more than 12 mm. MAXI roller is more generally used.



Question: What is the difference between MINI and MIDI rollers?


Answer: The difference is in diameters of rollers and the size of surface you want to paint. The larger the surface - the larger the roller.



Question: What  are exterior paint rollers intended for?


Answer: Exterior paint rollers are applied for painting rough (untreated) surfaces. They are made under a special stitching production method.



Question: What's the difference between rollers with frame structure and the others?


Answer: There is no difference for consumers. It depends on consumers' preferences.



Question: Why do rollers have stripes of different colours?


Answer: The colour of stripes specifies strictly determined parameters of fabric, such as its structure, density and pile height.



Question: Why does a paint tray have cross pattern?


Answer: In Russia this know-how is used only by our company. Cross pattern makes it possible to drain the roller and achieve more uniform paint finish.



Question: Why are your paint trays better than the others?


Answer: The advantages of our paint trays are the following:



  1. Cross pattern that makes it possible to drain rollers efficiently.


  1. The bowl for paint with the scale indicating paint volume.


  1. Paint trays have strengthening ribs for comfort painting.


  1. Special form of legs that provides stability of a tray during the work process.


Besides, one can easily recognize our paint trays - they are always of optimistic yellow colour.  



Question: What are pressure roller intended for?


Answer: Pressure rollers are used to increase the quality of wallpaper hanging. They eliminate air and glue bubbles.



Question: Why do you have so many rollers for decorative painting?


Answer: At present the interior design is in great request. We offer a wide range of rollers for decorative painting that would help you to create any decor on the painted surfaces.



Question: Why do end covers and handles for rollers have yellow or red colour?


Answer: The color determines the roller's type. Yellow colour is used for low-cost (standard) rollers with 6 mm handle diameter.  Red colour is used for professional rollers with 8 mm handle diameter.